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50 years of exporting innovation

About Liros

With Liros you get more than just a good product, you gain a supplier who takes responsibility all the way.

Liros Electronics i Malmö AB had a humble beginning as Lindeberg & Ros, when it was founded in 1955 in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. The company became AB Liros Elektronik in 1963, when we developed our first anti-static product ensuring trouble-free production. The first HCS (“AMY”) control unit for continuous grain dryers was delivered in 1980. “AMY” is part of our grain monitoring solution Grain-Watch. In 1994 was the start of our RFID waste management system (LAID).

Our focus today is on delivering solutions to our customers, which include OEMs, distributors, dealers and the important end-user, as well as providing the all important after sales service.

Liros Electronics i Malmö AB is ISO9001:2008 certified (1.5MB) Pdf.

Grain-Watch is ATEX (2.05MB) Pdf, IECEx and GOST-R (3.2MB) Pdf approved.




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