Extruder – Winding

Extruder, winding

Improved quality, increased safety, and fewer rejections

When the plastic film leaves the extruder and starts to cool down, friction is created between the molecules of the material. This creates a static charge, which then builds up further by the friction of the rollers. The Long Range antistatic system neutralizes static electricity at distances up to 1 meter, with a wide spread of ionization.

Extruder, winding

Typical problem areas where the Long Range ionizer is the solution.

  • Winding and unwinding often create high levels of static charge, while the distance to the charged material varies greatly from empty to full roll.
  • Static charge causes the material to attract particles from the air and surroundings.
  • Discharges from the material disrupt, or damage, electrical devices.
  • Risk of injury. The operator gets shocks from the statically charged material, which can cause dangerous, involuntary movements in the production line.

Download application example: Extruder – Winding (540kB) Pdf