All industries handling non-conducting material will at some point in time have problems with, and are affected by, static electricity.

Production and handling of plastic products in machines and material flows often causes immense dissruption due to static electricity. Plastic foil, plastic bags, form-spraying and form-moulding of car parts, packaging, etc.

Machine packaging is used to transport, demonstrate, decorate, and protect other products. Packaging machines use plastic foil or other material such as laminate, which is looped through the machine and generates static problems.

Printing on paper, plastic film, and other products requires a clean surface to ensure that the desired printing quality is obtained. A statically charged surface attracts dust and particles which makes high print quality almost impossible. The material can also become charged while being run through the machine and cause mechanical problems.

Handling extremely expensive products that are to be packaged by exact weight. Statically charged packaging renders this impossible as the product sticks together, i.e. the filling of inhalers.

Static electricity generates immense disruption in the production of tissue and non-woven material. Optical systems and other equipment for quality testing can also be damaged or give faulty readings.

Filling dry products in tube filling machines. The product is statically drawn to the plastic foil and sticks to the welded rim, resulting in leaky packaging.

Carding, warping and winding textile, printing, and quality control generates immense problems.

Car Industry
When producing plastic car parts it is of utmost importance to neutralize the static charge before painting.