Injection Moulding

Improved quality, increased efficiency, and fewer rejections

When the moulded part comes out of the tool, it starts to cool down. This creates friction between the molecules of the material and a static charge is built up. The Long Range antistatic system neutralizes static electricity at distances of up to 1 meter with a wide field of distribution.

Injection moulding

Typical problem areas where the Long Range ionizer is the solution.

  • Static charges causes the parts to attract particles from the air and environment. For example, contamination during coating causes rejections. Avoiding contamination is critical in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Moulded parts stick to the tooling or on machine parts.
  • Moulded parts stick to each other or repel each other and jump out of the collection vessel.
  • Risk of personal injury. Electrical shocks can cause the operator of the machine to make a dangerous, involuntary movement.

Download application example: Injection Moulding (940kB) Pdf