Wicketing machines

A wicketing machine is a high speed, microprocessor-controlled machine for manufacturing plastic bags (with or without printing). The bags are used in the food industry, e.g. for wrapping of bread. Inside these machines there can sometimes be large problems with static electricity. Since the machine contains many moving parts, often with limited space, you can use the Long Range to neutralize the charged areas at a long distance.


Rollers for winding and rewinding

When you wind and rewind a material, especially if it is synthetic, you usually get problems with static electricity. Because of the growing or shrinking roll, you will need to be able to neutralize at a long distance. It is possible to mount a Long Range ionizing bar with a neutralizing range of 1000 mm. This eliminates the need for mechanical constructions to move the ionizer to follow the roll.


Injection Moulding

When the material is blown out from the nozzle of the machine, and is heavily charged, it is attracted to the parts of the machine that are grounded (earth connected). Then the material is in a wrong position when the tool closes, with lots of waste as result. An LR ionizing tube, mounted at a distance outside the tool, will effectively neutralize the material.

Injection moulding

Automatic transportation and loading of PET bottles

When transporting empty PET bottles on a conveyor belt, and then lift and place it on a loading pallet with a robot, there can be big problems with static electricity. In this completely automatic application it is important that the bottles do not fall down when they are placed on the pallet. The smaller PET bottles are more sensitive because the contact surface is so small. A Long Range ionizing bar mounted 500 mm above the conveyor belt (so that all sizes of bottles can pass) will neutralize the bottles completely. The robot will then safely put the bottles on the pallet without having the bottles repel or attract each other.

PET bottles