Temperature monitoring and drying control

Grain-Watch is a complete solution for temperature monitoring of grain in bins and flat storages. The system is completely digital, from PC to temperature cables. Our equipment is used for quality assurance on storage facilities in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. Grain-Watch is ATEX, IECEx, and GOST-R approved.

  • The Grain-Watch system monitors the temperature the stored grain in all types of storage facilities.
  • Temperature cables for bins, silos and other storage facilities.
  • Temperature spears for grain storage facilities where sensor cables cannot be used.
  • The system is modular for easy assembly and installation, even in existing storage facilities.
  • Easy-to-use PC software for continuous temperature monitoring around the clock.
  • Customized. All the important information is easily overviewed.
  • Stores history of temperature development for accounting, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Temperature control via PC or hand instrument.
  • Weather station that determines the conditions for aeration of the stored commodity.
  • Fan control is integrated in the software. Set the conditions for starting and stopping the aeration fans.
  • Level meter that measures the silo content, by volume or weight.
  • Sensors for level alarm, full or empty silo.

Lars-Göran Karlsson

  • Manager Grain-Watch - International

Ingvar Larsson

  • Manager Grain-Watch - Scandinavia