RFID: Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Liros System for Mobile Auto-ID

This is a mobile data collection system originally intended for quality assurance of waste management. The system has been in use and in continuous development for fifteen years. It covers everything from transponder tags and chips for labeling, hand-held reader for identification, for computers and software for fixed installations on all types of vehicles.

The Liros System for Mobile Auto-ID is in line with the current proposal for the EU standard prEN 14803.

The software has now evolved into a powerful mobile order processing system.

Applications have thus expanded to include container handling, various courier services and transportation in general, all with or without automatic identification.

Where applicable, the system can link different types of weighing systems (PIAB, Wånelid Vågab, Poul Tarp / DME, Botek), customer service functions, mapping functions, administrative systems, etc. A module for mobile data gathering according to the so-called FMS standard is also available.

We develop and produce both the hardware and software in the Liros System for Mobile Auto-ID. This together with our ISO9001:2000 certification guarantees quality and sustainability.

Labeling of bins in sanitation and waste management is perhaps the most demanding and difficult application possible.

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RFID mobil datafångst